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One Third of Prospective Small-Business Buyers Ready to Switch From Corporate Life


More than one-third of potential business buyers are motivated by a desire to stop “climbing the corporate ladder,” according to the survey across the Franchise Ventures demand generation platform.  “In many cases, experienced managers and executives are ready to run their own show,” said Michael Alston, president of Franchise Ventures. “That can be a huge benefit to franchisors who are looking...

‘Be Your Own Boss’ Tops List of Small-Business Ownership Motivations

The No. 1 reason that budding entrepreneurs want to own their own business is to “Be your own boss,” according to the survey across the Franchise Ventures demand generation platform.   “Independence and controlling your own destiny is powerful motivator,” said Michael Alston, president of Franchise Ventures, “It’s telling that this is stronger than potential income in the survey  current...

Franchise Prospects Show Balanced Interest From Men and Women


Interest in owning a franchise is balanced almost equally between women and men, according to the latest small business analysis by Franchise Ventures. In Q3 2019, women accounted for 49% of the prospects contacting franchises for potential ownership, while men accounted for 51%.  “We don’t see a glass ceiling when it comes to interest in buying a franchise,” said Michael Alston, president of...

Millennials are the Fastest-Growing Segment of Future Franchisees


Following the broad trends in population demographics in the U.S., the age of franchise-investment prospects continues to shift younger in the latest quarterly analysis by  Franchise Ventures. Generation X, ages 39-54, is the largest group ready to talk with franchisors, at 46.1% of all prospects in Q3 2019, but Millennials, ages 23-38, are growing at a much faster clip, reaching 22.3% of all...

Franchises Offer Many Benefits, But Smart Entrepreneurs Choose Wisely


Franchises can offer many advantages to a new business owner, including business-startup knowledge that can give many buyers a head start. But that doesn’t mean that franchises are risk-free. Just like buying or starting any business, it pays to perform due diligence to understand the industry you’re entering as well as the specific franchises you’re considering. The New York...

Mobile Phones Surge Again as Top Source of Franchise Prospects


Smartphones are growing at an even faster rate this year as the No.1 way that franchise prospects begin their investment process. After several years of single-digit growth, the smartphone share of new franchise inquiries grew 12% over the past 12 months – reaching a full 73% of Internet inquiries originating on a mobile phone.  That’s the latest from an annual analysis of investment...

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