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Small Business Optimism Remains At Record Highs


A strong economy continues to fuel record levels of optimism among small business owners, according to the latest survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, with high demand for hiring stated as the No. 1 concern. The NFIB Small Business Optimism index came in at 104.4 in December, virtually unchanged at -0.4 less than November’s record high. “Optimism among small business...

Entrepreneurs’ Optimism Shifts into High Gear As Investment Interest in High-End Franchises Doubles


Atlanta, GA – (October 15, 2015) – A surge in high-dollar franchise investment inquiries signals growing optimism among entrepreneurs, as small-business owners and prospects look ahead to growth in the U.S. economy. Interest in franchises requiring more than $100,000 has nearly doubled over the past two years, and interest in $250,000+ businesses has tripled, according to the latest...

Franchises Add 26,000 New Jobs as U.S. Jobs and Wages Soar


U.S. franchise owners hired at an above-average pace in January while the U.S. economy outstripped expectations with 257,000 new jobs created and a gain in wage growth. The pace of hiring is one of the best economic indicators – it not only predicts future consumer demand, but it is a key indicator giving prospective franchise owners confidence to invest in new business locations. Local...

Economic Climate Strong for Franchise Investment As Year Draws to a Close


The U.S. economy continued to log strong gains this month, painting a picture of growth amid positive signs for small-business and franchise investment in the new year. Topping the list of franchise news is the big picture for the U.S. economy, which accelerated to its highest pace of growth in the past 11 years during the third quarter. The Commerce Department revised its earlier reading...

Franchises Outpace U.S. Job Growth As Unemployment Drops to 6-Year Low


Job growth tops franchise news and general economy news this week, with multiple reports showing strong gains on multiple fronts. The U.S. generated 214,000 new jobs in October and dropped the unemployment rate down to a six-year low of 5.8%, according to Friday monthly federal report. It was ninth straight month of adding 200,000 jobs or more, a feat last accomplished in 1994...

Economy Surges As Consumer Confidence, GDP Beat Expectations


The economic outlook surged this week, with consumer confidence and the gross national product both leaping forward. And while personal spending slowed last month, personal income and consumer savings are on the rise. All are positive signs for the economy in general, and all bode well for growth in franchising and small businesses. Consumer confidence rose in October to a seven-year high as...

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